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Great insoles

I’ve been looking for insoles to help with the impact of basketball and I tried these after seeing a video by weartesters and they have been a game changer. My back pain from the constant jumping is non existent. I’ve recently purchased my 3rd and 4th pairs.


Nice insole

Worth the try!

I'd been eyeing these insoles for quite some time and finally decided to pull the trigger. I will say these improve the comfort of Jordan 1's by a long shot. I recommend removing the original insoles before usage and I definitely will recommend Hefeluxx insoles. Very comfortable and high quality!

The Best!

Most comfortable insoles on the market!

Bom atendimento !!!!

Hefeluxx just as good adidas boost and Nike react midsole cushions

Hefeluxx just as good adidas boost and Nike react midsole cushions

Best insoles ever.

Best insoles ever. Put then in my work shoes and my feet feel great after 10-12hr shift. I have a second one I put in my Jordan's. Now I can wear them all day without my feet hurting. I wish yall came out earlier.


Great insoles. Bought for work boots, complete difference. Wish I purchased sooner.

All Day Comfort Ride

I have never been happier. These insoles are so comfortable. If you are a sneakerhead and rock Jordan 1’s, these are a MUST for your collection.

Gave my sneakers new life

The insoles in my ultraboosts had worn out and were sliding around under my feet. I figured that trying these insoles was a better option than buying new kicks. Man was I blown away! These insoles arrived fast and packaged well. They were easy to cut down to the correct size and most of all they feel as good if not better than the originals. I will definitely look to get more when my next pair of shoes needs some loving. Great product, great price point and grateful feet


I have been using aftermarket insoles in my jordans and boots since 2015 and these insoles are by far the best!! and very reasonably priced


These insoles have upgraded all of my shoes comfort-wise. I feel so much better after a long day on my feet.

Best shoe insoles

Theses are the best she insoles I've ever had. I've tried all types of insoles from gellings to memory foam, but nothing compares to hefelux. They are shock absorbent, responsive and very comfortable. Great for skateboarding or work.

Best insoles

Finally something worth your money and pain relief all day.

Relief from plantar fasciitis

I have a yet diagnosed heel pain, which i feel it's plantar fasciitis.

The deluxe helps with pain relief of the heel.

Also, the energy return technology means i am less tired, when im on them at work. I use them in my work boots.

This is my second round of purchase.

Will most likely do a third round.




Very comfortable and easy to cut to the shape you need. Would definitely recommend to everyone looking to buy one.

Game changers

Recently bought a pair of blazer 77s and put these in there and I did not think a pair of blazers could be that comfy. Good product overall

Exceeded expectations

This is a really good insole for the money. Will purchase again.

Best insoles I have ever purchased

5 star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great Insoles, Great Customer Service

It seems no matter how hard I try, I can't find a better deal than these insoles. I do a lot of walking for work in construction and these are great for both my work boots and my personal shoes. I keep the thinner Ultra Deluxe 2.0's in my personal sneakers because they are great for exercise and heavy weightlifting. I also keep the thicker, Ultra Deluxe 1.0's in my work boots where I have to stand on them for long hours. The team here has also been amazing, especially dealing with Collin. I had some shipping issues where I had moved addresses after my 1.0's had shipped and it was quickly resolved by the HefeLuxx team and Collin was able to get me the product I needed extremely fast. Can't say I'll ever consider using other insoles after testing these products for months and dealing with the great team they have here. I love em.

Excellent Insoles

I tried out the thick ultra deluxe insole first a few months ago for my work boots which fitted half a size big. The insoles made it fit perfectly to my feet and added even more protection and comfort to do my job which required standing all day and doing heavy lifting at times. I was very satisfied, so I ordered the ultimate comfort insole bundle for another one of my shoes which have bad cushioning and I'll be giving the rest to my loved ones as a gift . I highly recommend this product.

Really great

Really great!


I got the fir me at first but now everyone in the fam is wearing them we don’t leave home without them 😁


Pure comfort, my winter boots feel like clouds