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Great insoles!
I use them in my work shoes and I average about 28,000 steps a day so they are a god send.

My son is very happy with his new insoles. They are very comfortable.


These perform as advertised.
Comfort is unparalleled. I have these in my Sneakers and in my safety shoes. I can walk all day.

This is my lifesaver

This insole is the best ever I've ever bought, I'm working in Amazon warehouse and my feet really hurts everytime I work there for 10hours so when I use this and put it in my safety shoes, my feet never get pain again. This is really my lifesaver. One day I will buy again for my family.👍

Great customer service!!!

My order was apparently lost in the mail but the customer service from this company is excellent. They rushed out another order for me and the insoles are wonderful. Highly recommended!!

Great inexpensive insole

I needed a comfortable thin insole for a pair of my boots, they took a little while to come but where worth it once here and used...definitely recomend!!

Great product!!!!!!

Great sole and replacement for any shoe and boot !!!!! I will be back when I need more :-)


Love it on my ultra boost 2020 much more cushions

Amazingly comfortable

These insoles are Heaven sent .. a dream come true for my feet

Best Insole EVER

I seriously have been glued to only Ultraboost shoes because they're so comfortable and I forgot about my boots and other shoes but now with my Hefeluxx insoles I get the same comfort! Don't be skeptical, try them out!

As advertised

Best insoles I’ve used. Use them in my work boots and basketball shoes. Well worth the price and I’m sure I’ll buy again

Must buy for boot wearers.

I wear combat boots 5 days a week. These insoles make that a LOT easier. Super comfortable.

Game changer

I really enjoy the comfort of the insoles. These are a game changer! A new lifetime customer. Great job!

Amazing Comfort for my work boots

They breathe well and the cushion is un matched.

Great customer support

These are definitely comfortable, but they are really thick... so thick that they make almost every pair of my shoes unwearable. I reached out to customer support and they shipped me the regular version no questions asked. Looking forward to receiving those but I would definitely opt for the thinner insoles unless you have a lot of vertical space in your shoes.

Worth It

Great insoles. Worth the purchase. Turned a cheap pair of boots I bought on sale last year into one of my go-to pairs for winter.


Replaced 2 of my Nike soles. 1 pair were really thick so they worked great with the thicker lux version, the 2nd pair of Nikes were a thin sole. I just had to loosen the strings a bit because Nike soles are so flat... which is why I replaced them. So much softer

Good for golf!

I bought a pair and stuck them in my golf shoes. They were so comfortable that I bought 2 more pairs for my regular walking shoes.

It's perfect


The ball is fun and also very stress relieving when squeezed

The Best!

The best insoles on the market thus far! no one is beating HefeLuxx

Got them for my jordan 1s

Helps prevent creases w the toe lift yet the thickest one(i believe deluxe/ boot fit) absolutely does not work w sneakers bc tight fit for foot. It is a nice comfort additive and gives a minimal height boost for those flat j1s

Love it

It’s worth it I’ll buy another for my other shoes

Walking on clouds

These are the only insoles I offer to my customers! Perfect for any sneaker!

Here Lux

Love them, ordered another pair!