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Get the Original Comfort version, 5 stars!

I'll start off by saying the original comfort version is definitely 5 stars for me, it has added WAY more comfort to my Jordans/Nikes and even yeezys which already have boost.
The instructions are easy enough, for best results you want to take the current insole of the shoe you are putting it in, draw and outline with a marker, then cut to the shape of that insole so that it fits in the shoe. For me it fits perfectly!
The thickness of the original is just right such that it doesn't cause too much of a tight fit after putting it in.

The thickness of the deluxe however is just way too thick, it's a good idea and definitely has a lot more boost, but in practice it is just too thick that when putting it into the same shoes I put the original ones in, it doesn't even fit,i have to cut it to be 1-1.5 sizes down for it to fit, and even then it still makes it too tight.

The deluxe is not a bad product though and it has it's place, I'd imagine if you have a shoe that is just WAY too big then it is an excellent way to get a better fit instead of wearing 3 pairs of socks haha.

Overall I would give originals 5 stars for 100% good fit and added comfort, 4 stars for the deluxe one though, just way too thick to put into shoes that you bought as your true to size


Deluxe Comfort Insoles

Best Cushion

Just like Boost... this is a game changer.

Nicer than I thought

Really comfortable insoles. It’s like I’m wearing running shoes all day at the office

All day comfort with boost!!!

Highly recommend these insoles!!! I use them in all my shoes and they provide all day comfort!!! I will be using these insoles going forward!!!