Hefe Luxx Comfort Box

$ 17.00

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Anthony Tanga
The Best!

The best insoles on the market thus far! no one is beating HefeLuxx

jason plourde
amazing product

The products and services are amazing through HefeLuxx. I ordered one comfort box and USPS mishandled it and delayed it for over a week when it was coming from a state that is right next to me. I contacted Collin and he sent out my next order through UPS that same day and it made it to me within a few days from order to receive. Everybody always complains about customer service at various companies, but if you let your issues be known, most likely they can be fixed like this case. I will continue to purchase products from HefeLuxx and will also keep telling people about how their company and products are.

Christian Santiago
Legit Comfort for legit price!

I bought these to replace the garbage insoles in my Jordan 1s since these are supposed to be similar to the boost tech in Yeezys and I was not disappointed... full disclosure though if you intend to use these for Jordan 1s, good luck wearing a crease protector as well cause they are tight AF, I will definitely be buying more of these insoles but maybe the slimline version because the thickness on these doesn’t work for every sneaker, overall I’d say 4.5 out of five Plus the packaging looks really cool and so does the insole with that bright green color that stands out when you take your shoes off and for detail oriented people like myself I find that pretty cool!